the group Les Yeux d’Argos

The french collective Les Yeux d’Argos, based in Lille, gathers artists and technicians to create contemporary and digital art works. Its sound and visual universe spreads out time and space, to develop an aesthetic sense and to immerse the public in an artistic globality. The group plays thus with every places, flat’s textures, machines’ shadow, water’s refllects, light’s scattering, …

The group develops works suggesting meditation and hypnosis, inspiring from James Turrell, Olafur Eliasson, Claude Lévêque or Bill Viola, with dramatical tools of the digital creation.

Collaborating with artists from “La Ferblanterie”, “Métalu à Chahuter”, “Le Fresnoy” and others figures of modern art, Les Yeux d’Argos feeds on different artistic and contemporary issues, which lead the group to rethink ceaselessly its singularity and its place on the artistic scene.

Reading Bernard Stiegler, Edmond Couchot, Peter Sloderdijk, Paul Ardenne, Rancière, … the group wonders about its relationship to art, to digital and to contemporaneity.